Aukema Conservation Science provides clients with conservation, environmental, and ecological scientific research and consulting. Our services include:

Research—Conservation science and application projects depend on solid research and analysis. Aukema has extensive research experience —from conception and design through data analysis and publication.

Science application to conservation practice—Successful conservation design depends on incorporating appropriate scientific research. Aukema helps practitioners implement the latest science in their projects and identify research needs. Aukema’s presentations, workshops, trainings, and brainstorming sessions will put your project on the right track.

Facilitating working groups—Working groups are increasingly a primary model for collaborative research and resource management. Aukema has led powerful working groups and brings her experience working with diverse, multi-disciplinary, and multi-stakeholder groups that bridge the gap between science research and application.

Scientific writing (technical and non-technical)—Communicating scientific findings and conservation issues to other scientists, policy makers, and the broader public is critical for conservation success. Having published in top journals, Aukema is a proficient writer for technical audiences. She is also able to distill complicated concepts into plain English for non-technical audiences.

Project management—Successful project management requires attention to budget, interfacing with grant makers and competent grant administration.  Aukema has experience managing complex projects, working with partners distributed across the globe, and implementing highly successful projects that come in on budget.

Grant writing—Writing successful grant applications is critical for maintaining funding for scientists and conservation organizations. Aukema has excellent writing skills and a track record of success. With her knowledge of diverse sub-disciplines within ecology and conservation and her extensive experience reviewing grant applications, Aukema knows how to focus a grant application for maximum impact.

Meeting facilitation—Highly efficient and productive meetings are often crucial to the success of conservation and environmental projects. With strong organizational skills and a predilection for preparation and collaboration, Aukema facilitates highly successful large and small meetings.