Juliann Aukema has provided scientific research and consultation services to organizations including University of California, University of Montana, US Geological Survey, The Nature Conservancy, Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable, National Park Service, Puerto Rican Ornithological Society, Field Museum, and Temper of the Times Foundation.

Aukema has the expertise to help many types of organizations achieve their conservation and research goals:

Academics—Academics seeking collaboration, project management, grant writing, or short-term or specific project assistance.

Government agencies—Federal, state and local, or multi-national governmental agencies seeking increased science capacity,  short-term or specific project assistance, grants review, or working group facilitation. Aukema is a registered federal contractor.

Non-governmental or nonprofit organizations—Environmental, conservation, or sustainability-minded development organizations seeking to increase their science capacity, to better integrate up-to-date conservation science into their operations and strategies, short-term or specific project assistance, and capacity building or training.

Foundations seeking professional input on ecological, conservation or sustainability issues, priority setting, or grant reviews.

Environmental consulting firms seeking additional expertise or capacity.

Environmentally-minded businesses that can benefit from consultation on environmental issues.